Pollard the Spy

Two facts are crystal clear. First, two hundred and eighty million Americans now live less secure lives because of the spy Jonathan Jay Pollard. Second, the perfidious Israelis eagerly pocketed many billions of American taxpayer dollars and then repaid the favor by stabbing America in the back. The spy Pollard has served thirteen years of a life sentence. Now a consortium of fifty-five Jewish groups, calling itself The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, is publicly calling for Pollard’s release because, in their opinion, what he did was no big deal. They have characterized Pollard as “the American Dreyfus”, which is grotesque.

Alfred Drefus was a righteous, sober, French army captain who was falsely accused of passing French military secrets to the Germans. He was also a Jew. His trial in 1894 spawned a wave of anti-Jewish hostility. The true villain in this case was the real traitor, one Major Walsin Esterhazy, a free-spending drunkard and degenerate. If Jonathan Jay Pollard resembles anyone in the Dreyfus Affair it is Esterhazy.

These are the facts: Pollard was born into comfortable circumstances. At age sixteen (1970) he attended a summer camp for gifted children in Israel. After high school he went to Stanford University. His classmates remember him as a heavy drug user and a drunk who rattled on at length about his connections to Israeli intelligence and the Israeli army. Pollard graduated in 1976. In the following three years he attended several graduate schools but never got a degree. He then applied to the CIA for a job but was rejected after a lie detector test and a follow-up investigation revealed that he was a liar and a blabbermouth.

The rejected Pollard then applied to the Navy and obtained a civilian position as a research analyst. The Navy knew nothing of the CIA’s assessment that Pollard was unworthy of a security clearance. His associates remember him for his bragging and preposterous storytelling. During this time he was deeply in debt for loans, credit cards, rent, furniture, cars, etc. He was heavily hitting up his colleagues for cash to forestall the garnishment of his wages, which would have resulted in the loss of his security clearance. Even so, Pollard continued to spend lavishly on expensive restaurants, booze and drugs.

In the early 80’s Pollard arrived at a job interview looking rumpled and unshaven. He told the interviewer that he had spent his weekend trying to free his fiance from IRA kidnappers. His interviewer later described Pollard as “a wacko”. In late 1983, soon after the terrorist bombing of a Marine barracks in Beirut, the Navy assigned Pollard to its Anti-Terrorist Alert Center, where he had access to the most current top secret American intelligence. By that summer the willing Pollard had been recruited by Israeli espionage agents.

Pollard wanted cash, so his Israeli handlers greased him with a $2500-a-month salary and tens of thousands of dollars for hotels, meals and jewelry. Pollard received fifty thousand dollars in cash and was told that another thirty thousand dollars would be deposited each year in his foreign bank account. Pollard pledged to spy for Israel for a decade for the cash sum of $540,000. After a careful review of the evidence, a judge sentenced Pollard to life in prison. Pollard’s wife and accomplice, Anne, was sentenced to five years in prison.

Once in prison, Pollard underwent a jailhouse conversion to Orthodox Judaism, dumped Anne, and proclaimed that he had been married in prison, under Jewish law, to a foreign national named Elaine Zeitz, a.k.a Esther Pollard. Esther became his tireless lying mouthpiece. Her two biggest lies were that Pollard’s espionage did not harm America and that he gave the Israelis only what they needed for their defense. The truth is that Pollard betrayed his country for money, he did enormous damage to America’s security, and the Israelis gave top-secret American intelligence that they acquired from Pollard to the Soviet Union in exchange for selected Jewish emigres.

The hard-won intelligence that Pollard sold to the Israelis revealed to them not only what America knows, but how America came to know it. Pollard exposed how American intelligence systems work, how we know what we know. After Pollard’s betrayal our ability to monitor ground sites and communications in the Middle East became more difficult. The process slowed down as targets learned how better to hide from view. It became a struggle to recruit foreign agents.

Israeli espionage agents directed Pollard to steal top secret information that was of no practical use to Israel, such as the methods by which America tracks Soviet submarines. Israel then gave this information to the Soviet Union in exchange for Jewish scientists with expertise in missile technology and nuclear weapons. The result of Pollard’s betrayal is that Israel acquired an improved nuclear weapons arsenal and ballistic missile system and the Soviets learned how to evade detection so that American cities may have only a five-minute warning before a sweeping submarine-launched thermonuclear holocaust incinerates tens of millions of Americans. The Israelis used Pollard to acquire the entire U.S. attack plan against the Soviet Union. All of it. The locations, sequences, methods, everything; and then they traded this also to the Russians.

The lesson is clear: the Israel cannot be trusted. Even without Israeli deal making, the material provided by Pollard would have found its way to Moscow because Israel was awash with Soviet spies.

Though Pollard has pretended remorse for his betrayal, he has steadfastly refused to give a full account of what top secret information he sold to Israel. In other words, he’s still betraying America. The Israelis have refused to give an accounting of the documents they stole from us. It is clear from the specific request list that they gave to Pollard that the Israelis have other spies hidden in our government. Pollard has estimated that a tightly packed stack of the documents he sold to Israel would measure six feet by six feet by ten feet high. Israeli spies Rafi Eitan, Irit Erb and Joseph Yagur ran the operation. Pollard was feeding them stolen documents so fast that they were forced to install a high-speed copy machine in a rented apartment in Washington just to keep up with the volume.

The National Security Agency maintains and updates a ten volume manual known as RASIN, an acronym for radio signal notations. This top-secret document includes all the known communications links used by the Soviet Union, their sites, frequencies and characteristics. Anyone with a copy of RASIN knows what we know, what we can know, and how to hide their signals from us. It tells how we analyze communications and how we solve problems. It tells them how we think. RASIN is a roadmap for evading detection. Pollard gave the entire ten-volume set to the Israelis. Its loss exposes us to surprise attack.

Pollard endangered the lives of many of his fellow citizens when he passed along thousands of pages of documents drawn from debriefings of travelers to the Middle East. After a single trip to a government library, Pollard needed a handcart to move all the stolen documents to his car in a nearby parking lot.

Pollard also gave the Israelis the National SIGINT Requirements List which itemizes the various tasks assigned to NSA field units around the world. With this information our enemies can anticipate American field operations, they can evade detection, they can ambush our troops on the battlefield. On October 1, 1985 the Israeli Air Force killed at least sixty-seven people in a bombing raid on Tunisia. The raid came as a complete surprise to American intelligence. The Israelis had used Pollard’s information to evade detection.

So the facts are clear. Jonathan Jay Pollard betrayed his country for money. He pocketed fifty thousand dollars and was promised over half a million dollars. He willingly entered into a conspiracy with foreign espionage agents who directed him to steal America’s most sensitive military secrets. As a result of this betrayal all Americans now live more precarious lives. Our cities are now more vulnerable to thermonuclear incineration. Future American military operations are now compromised. The Israelis sold us out for their own purposes.

The ugly demonstration of support for this traitor is an unpleasant echo of the enthusiastic anti-American sympathies once displayed by supporters of the traitors Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who had conspired to assist Joseph Stalin, the most notorious mass murderer in history, in his demonic quest to acquire thermonuclear weapons. The defenders of the Rosenbergs insisted that their treason trial was really all about anti-Semitism. Recently released KGB files confirm that they were willing Stalinist spies and traitors.

Pollard admits his guilt. Is he any less a traitor than Benedict Arnold who conspired to turn over West Point to the British? One of Arnold’s accomplices, Major Andre, was hanged as a spy. The Rosenbergs were executed. Jonathan Pollard watches television in prison. Big hardship.

It is the proper place of every American patriot to explain to the Friends of Pollard that Israel is not America’s fifty-first state. Israel has proven itself to be a second-rate ally and no friend of America. Israel has refused to make an accounting of the material she stole from us.

The five-billion-dollar American taxpayer subsidy that goes to Israel each year should be terminated. As one of the world’s most successful international arms merchants, the Israelis can afford to pay their own way from now on. They can enhance their nuclear arsenal at their own expense. They have cynically exploited our pockets and our good will long enough.

Jonathan Pollard must remain in prison as a chilling reminder to other would-be traitors of our resolve not to be betrayed and our determination to preserve our republic, our freedoms and our lives. The Friends of Pollard want to remove this chilling example and go back to the way things were before, back to business as usual. Their time would be better spent asking the Prime Minister of Israel why he refuses to even consider releasing prisoner of conscience Mordechai Vanunu, who is now serving eighteen years in solitary confinement for telling a British newspaper about Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

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Thomas Clough
Copyright 2001