Queer Liars and Liberal Idiots

The most destructive ideologies of modern times have favored the notion that an essential human nature does not exist or, at most, is faint and extremely elastic. The enemies of civilization must subvert the idea that humans cannot be conditioned to accept any behavior, no matter how grotesque. These practitioners of human desensitization understand that getting humans to accept a repugnant behavior requires a slow and incremental and persistent exposure to behaviors that were previously felt to be disgusting. The enemies of civilization believe that humans as humans share no guiding moral sensibility. “Little by little we were taught all these things. We grew into them,” recalled the socialist mass murderer Adolph Eichmann.

Every modern permutation of authoritarianism, socialism pre-eminent among them, has promoted the idea that humans are born as moral “blank slates” awaiting socialization. The radical egalitarians turn a blind eye to any evidence of an innate human nature because an innate human nature threatens their quest for absolute equality, which they hold to be the hallmark of social progress. It’s an article of faith for them; it’s a religious precept. The “blank slaters” are the “flat earthers” of 21st Century psychological research; their ideologically-rooted belief is an impediment to psychological studies. They live in constant fear of the empirical evidence of inborn human differences and inborn human proclivities; they fear it will lead to their worst nightmare: social inequality. The egalitarians have repressed the memory that it was the “blank slaters” who set the civilized world ablaze and swept millions upon millions of humans to their deaths in the Twentieth Century.

The Twentieth Century was a snake pit of competing socialisms – the rival international socialisms of Soviet Russia and Communist China and the National Socialism of Nazi Germany. Every variation of socialism promoted an agenda of human perfectibility based on the false belief that there is no common innate human nature. “Scientific socialism” was a belief system masquerading as science. When actual humans proved to be less adaptable to egalitarian perfectionism than the socialist theorists had predicted, the egalitarians resorted to coercion, torture and mass murder to convince real-life humans that socialism was the shining pathway to progressive perfection.

About 40 million Chinese died in a demonstration that Maoist idealism was alien to human nature. Millions of Ukrainians were starved to death demonstrating that Stalinist collectivism was alien to human nature. The Stalinist fantasy killed 20 million humans. Sixty-six million humans went to their graves because the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party had a vision of human perfectibility – the Ubermensch – a fictional ideal just as vacuous as Stalin’s Soviet Man and Mao’s vision of the selfless socialist peasant.

That’s 126 million humans, give or take a few million, who died demonstrating that the blank-slate model of human perfectibility-through-egalitarian-instruction is total rubbish. In truth, the human mind emerges from the complexity of human neurology with the capacity for communication and reasoning and energized by a battery of emotions and drives. Human minds share a common logic across cultures and races.

Our human dispositions anticipate a range of real-world experiences; our inborn traits are activated by environmental stimuli. The environment calls forth the flowering of our innate abilities; the environment resonates with a neurology already highly structured and disposed to specialized development. Temperament and sex differences are mostly genetic and fixed. Our language facility, our number sense, our tool-using facility and our moral sense are inborn. It is our moral sense that passes judgment on our natural inclinations to violence, lying, cheating and clannishness; this moral sensibility is a powerful shaping influence in every culture. Human altruism has a survival benefit for social humans. We are not born virtuous (noble savages) but we are born social and redeemable; we struggle to realize our better selves in the faced of many seductive distractions.

Every healthy culture, every culture that is not in an end-stage downward death spiral of moral confusion and decadence, accommodates and idealizes only the most healthful inborn inclinations of its normal members and it marginalizes the dead-end behaviors of those few who are inclined toward useless or destructive deviance. The future of any culture is assured by the fulsome accommodation of its normal members. Accommodating upstart subcultures that are hostile to the values of the core culture is a self-destructive behavior that no robust culture exhibits. The accommodation of homosexuality and homosexual counter-cultural perspectives by President Barack Obama and his political party is evidence that America is circling the drain pipe. When the president of the United States of America declares that sterile one-sex wedlock must be elevated to co-equal status with time-honored, fertile, and society-sustaining heterosexual marriage, the stink of decadence is in the air. One of every six of Mr. Obama’s big-bucks bundlers is a homosexual; homosexuals are six times more abundant among Mr. Obama’s financiers than in the general population; Mr. Obama is beholding to homosexuals for his continued hold on the presidency; Mr. Obama is bought and paid for by the homosexual radicals.

Brainwashing the Idiots

The founding queer theorists of the Gay Power Movement were masters of scientific persuasion. Marshall Kirk graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, majoring in psychology; he went on to become a researcher in neuropsychiatry, a branch of medicine that studies mental disorders attributable to diseases of the nervous system. Erastes Pill was the chosen pen name of Dr. Hunter Madsen, who held a PhD in politics from Harvard and went on to become an expert in public persuasion, social marketing and Madison Avenue salesmanship. He chose the name Erastes because it is the root word of pederasty – man-boy sexual relations or, what normal people call boy rape.

These two enthusiasts weren’t amateurs; they were educated experts who used science as a weapon against the life-sustaining instincts of the average American; these two deviates used their insights to undermine the central organizing institution of American society: heterosexual marriage.

In their three collaborative works, The Gay Agenda (1985), The Overhauling of Straight America (1987) and After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s (1989), they exhorted homosexuals to conceal their weirdness and to lie shamelessly to straights about every creepy aspect of homosexuality.

Here’s a snippet from The Overhauling of Straight America by the two genius manipulators, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen (Erastes Pill):

“Where we talk is important. The visual media, film and television, are plainly the most powerful image-makers in Western civilization. The average American household watches over seven hours of TV daily. Those hours open up a gateway into the private world of straights, through which a Trojan Horse might be passed. As far as desensitization is concerned, the medium is the message – of normalcy. So far, gay Hollywood has provided our best covert weapon in the battle to desensitize the mainstream. Bit by bit over the past ten years, gay characters and gay themes have been introduced into TV programs and films (though often this has been done to achieve comedic and ridiculous affects). On the whole the impact has been encouraging. The prime-time presentation of Consenting Adults on a major network in 1985 is but one high-water mark in favorable media exposure of gay issues. But this should be just the beginning of a major publicity blitz by gay America.”

And that’s what happened. Since 1985 your television has been a Trojan Horse bursting with subversive messages scripted by homosexuals to undermine the hard-won wisdom of normal Christians, Jews, Muslims, and just plain normal heterosexual people. The persistent repetitive gradualism advocated by these gay theorists is an echo of Eichmann’s “little by little.” It is cynically intended to erode our once-healthy culture’s firewall against biologically pointless and morally confusing homosexuality. The sly grooming of straight Americans to accept homosexual perspectives has been a pet project of America’s liberal news and entertainment media for twenty-five years; America’s children have been the targets of this campaign of values reprogramming for all of their lives.

It is worth remembering that every television drama that features a gay character wildly exaggerates the number of gays in America. For example, in order to put the lesbian couple in the popular television series Grey’s Anatomy in its proper perspective, every episode that included the lesbian couple would also have to include seventy-one named and regularly-featured heterosexual cast members. If gays were as common as they appear in the media, then the human species would be nearing extinction. Homosexuals are the consequence of normal human development gone wrong; that’s why they number only 2.8% of the population.

Are Gays a Real Minority?

After years of pouring over the evidence that homosexuality is rooted in biology, I came away convinced that some male homosexuals were the result of genetic peculiarities. The evidence is stronger that lesbianism is the frequent consequence of fetal exposure to elevated levels of testosterone in the blood of some gestating mothers-to-be. No developing female fetus survives a testosterone bath undamaged; this is the hormone that creates the classical neurological architecture of male humans; the masculinizing effects of elevated testosterone levels wipes away all hope of any female fetus achieving genuine femininity.

Homosexuals place great emphasis on this sketchy body of evidence and proclaim that all homosexuality is rooted in biology. They do this for political reasons. First of all, they know that many straights will make the mistake of confusing the notion of “natural” with the concepts of “good” and “moral,” which is nonsense. Second, homosexual activists want homosexuals to qualify as a “minority” under the narrow provisions of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

To qualify as a protected class homosexuals must demonstrate that, as a group, they share a history of discrimination and are powerless to escape their category and were born that way.

Right away the gay advocates have problems. The evidence does not support firm answers to these three questions. Some percentage of homosexuals are the consequence of quirky biology but all we can say with certainty is that most gays are the products of some normal biological progression gone haywire. No doubt many gays were brought to homosexuality by some life experience. There is a lively literature by some very smart homosexuals who argue persuasively that they are homosexuals by choice. These gays give the biological-determinists nightmares because homosexuals choosing to be homosexual disqualifies gays as a group from consideration as a protected minority under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Oops!

Dr. Lillian Faderman, winner of the Lambda Literary Foundation’s Monette/Horowitz Award, says candidly that homosexuals “continue to demand Rights, ignoring the fact that human sexuality is fluid and flexible, acting as though we are stuck in our category forever.” She explains that, “The narrow categories of identity politics are obviously deceptive.” She senses the threat that the truth poses to gay political objectives when she reveals that, “I must confess that I am both elated and terrified by the possibilities of a bisexual movement. I’m elated because I truly believe that bisexuality is the natural human condition. But I’m much less happy when I think of the possibility of huge numbers of bisexuals (two-thirds of women who identify as lesbian for example) running off to explore the heterosexual side of their bisexual potential and, as a result, decimating our political ranks.”

Got that? Dr. Faderman is “terrified” at the thought of two-thirds of America’s lesbians choosing to ditch their lesbian partners and trotting off to explore their “heterosexual side.”

Dr. Faderman is a fountain of insight when she declares that, “The concept of gay and lesbian identity may be nothing but a social construct, but it has been crucial, enabling us to demand the rights that are due to us as a minority. What becomes of our political movement if we openly acknowledge that sexuality is flexible and fluid, that gay and lesbian does not signify ‘a people’ but rather a ‘sometime behavior’?”

Amazing! An eminent award-winning gay expert on gayness is confessing that homosexuals are not a genuine minority in any sense. The brilliant doctor is telling us that gays are not a biological minority like black people because gays choose to be gay; they can escape their category at will. This ability to escape disqualifies homosexuals from consideration as a true minority under the provisions the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

This is nothing less than an admission that radical gays are cynically employing the Big Lie propaganda technique of Adolf Hitler. To be successful, the Great Socialist declared, your lie must be an enormous lie. There is no bigger lie infiltrating the moral fiber of America than the lie that homosexuals are an oppressed minority.

Next we have Dr. John DeCecco, a psychologist and Director of the Center for Research and Education in Sexuality at San Francisco State University and editor of The Journal of Homosexuality. The doctor self-identifies as “gay” but insists that sexual attraction is a preference, not a fixed orientation. In his book If You Seduce a Straight Person You Can Make Them Gay Dr. DeCecco blows off the whole “born gay” idea as just so much “gay and lesbian politics” deployed to win social acceptance.

Now consider the telling insights of Dr. Vera Whisman, author of Queer by Choice: Lesbians, Gay Men, and the Politics of Identity, who tells us that “The political dangers of a choice discourse go beyond the simple (if controversial) notion that some people genuinely choose their homosexuality. Indeed, my conclusions question some of the fundamental basis upon which the gay and lesbian rights movement has been built. If we cannot make political claims based on an essential and shared nature, are we not left once again as individual deviants? Without an essentialist [born gay] foundation, do we have a viable politics?”

What a question. Of course not! The gay, transvestite, lesbian, transsexual, bi-sexual and “questioning” coalition has never been anything but a patched-together hodgepodge of needy oddballs in search of companionship.

Did any of the lawyers who have fumbled every courtroom defense of traditional marriage ever think to quote lesbian writer Jennie Ruby who candidly admits, “I don’t think lesbians are born . . . I think they are made . . . The gay rights movement has (for many good and practical reasons) adopted largely an identity politics.”

Likewise, lesbian author Jan Clausen declares, “What’s got to stop is the rigging of history to make the either/or look permanent and universal. I understand why this argument may sound exotic to outsiders for whom the public assertion of a coherent, unchanging lesbian or gay identity has proved an indispensable tactic in the battle against homophobic persecution.”

She’s talking about the straight enablers of the gay political agenda who are too stupid to grasp the fact that they are the dupes and flunkeys of the gay Big Lie – the lie that every homosexual is the product immutable biological determinism. Why should straights believe this political talking point if gays themselves don’t believe it? The entire Gay Power movement is tainted with bad faith. As the lesbian poet Audre Lorde opined, “I don’t believe our wants have made all our lies holy.”

If homosexuals are queer by choice, then why would any sane civilization weaken the integrity of its central organizing institution, marriage, just to accommodate a tiny splinter population who are willfully sexually deviant?

American gays are not denied any civil right. Every adult male in America has the right to marry the adult female of his choice. Likewise, every adult female has the right to marry the adult male of her choice. Since every adult in America is either male or female, it is a fact that every adult in America has the same right to marry. Millions of adults choose to not marry for a variety of reasons – a desire to play the field, excessive shyness, never meeting the “right person,” a dislike for the other gender, poor health – or a thousand other personal reasons. But no adult is denied the right to marry. What gays want are entirely-new legally-recognized social institutions that idealize the peculiar and uncomplementary emotional chemistries of two male homosexuals or two female homosexuals. A “gay marriage” is not a marriage as marriage is understood by almost every human on this planet; “gay marriage” is, at best, an earnest parody of marriage and, at worst, a grotesque mockery of marriage. The dimwit voters of Maine, Maryland and Washington who voted to elevate two novel social experiments – gay-male wedlock and lesbian wedlock – to equal status with genuine marriage are the exception.

What gays imagine their “rights” to be knows no bounds. Before they spiffed up their public image, gays were the outspoken advocates for the abolition of all age-of-consent laws. They argued (and still do) that youngsters are being denied their “right” to sexual fulfillment – presumably with an older (much older) homosexual. The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) had a reserved place of honor in every Gay Pride parade. The first year that these predatory pederasts were excluded from participation, the inventor of the idea that gays were an “oppressed minority,” Harry Hay, crashed a Gay Pride parade wearing a sandwich board that read “NAMBLA Walks with Me.” The founder of the Gay Power Movement understood that it was hypocritical for gays to exclude boy rapists from the big gay celebration because boy rape was what so many gays were all about.

More recently (December, 2012) homosexuals were defending their “right” to walk around stark naked in public. The San Francisco supervisor, Scott Weiner, had sponsored anti-nudity legislation after a public square became a hang out for gays who wanted to, well . . . let it hang out. The legislation would have made an exception for public nudity at the annual Gay Pride parade as well as at the annual leather and sexual fetish bazaar that so perfectly reflects the mental landscape of gayness.

According to Cleve Jones, a longtime San Francisco resident and gay activist, “Many people who are supporting the band of nudists who have made their beachhead here clearly believe that encouraging this behavior will somehow help keep the neighborhood gay.” (NY Times,12/2/12, p.34)

The Times article, titled “In San Francisco A Voice of Moderation That’s Often Unwelcome,” included a photo of a woman who had stripped naked in City Hall to pretest the Board of Supervisors’ slim 6-to-5 vote to ban most public nudity. The gays felt they were being denied their “right” to waggle a penis in the face of any passing child. There is no end to what creepy narcissists believe to be their “rights.”

Can we believe the lesbians Lyne Harne and Elaine Miller when they tell us that, “There’s nothing natural in lesbianism, it’s a ‘positive choice,’ and a political one.”? The totally gay Girlfriends magazine opines, “No wonder lesbians are so nervous. What makes the lesbian movement strong is the formation of a collective identity, unified behind sexual orientation as a category. If bisexuality undoes that, it kicks the lesbian movement where it really hurts: in the heart and soul of identity politics.”

In other words, lots of so-called “lesbians” are just slumming in the “gay community” until its time for them to get serious about their futures and settle down with Mr. Right. They are telling us that the ranks of the “gay community” are swollen with people who will indulge in homosexual activity and then choose to leave it alone.

Kate Kendall, the Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights challenged the American Psychiatric Association to stop offering any form of reparative therapy to any homosexual, no matter how desperately the gay begged for it. She insisted that homosexuality was inborn and immutable. She and her sidekick, Joanne Loulan told the APA that offering reparative therapy to a homosexual was the moral equivalent of pouring bleach on a black person’s skin to make them white.

Kendal would later argue in a gay publication that human sexuality is changeable. Ms. Loulan later drew the attention of the gay magazine The Advocate (2/18/97) by declaring that she had changed her own sexual orientation and had fallen deeply in love with a man. Oh, the horror!

What Have We Learned?

From the scientific, historical and anecdotal evidence we can conclude several things. First among them is the demonstrated willingness of gay activists to shamelessly tell any lie that will advance the Gay Power agenda. The founding mentors of the Gay Power Movement, Marshall Kirk and Erastes Pill, stressed the importance of concealing the true nature of homosexual thought and behavior from all the useful straight idiots. Second, the evidence that homosexuality is immutably rooted in biology is confusing at best. There are many paths to homosexuality; some are biological while others are experiential or some combination of biology and experience. The gay movement is bursting with lots of confused people who don’t know what they are. By any accounting, homosexuals are a muddle. Their spokesmen publicly insist that every gay was born that way, but privately bemoan the fact that millions of “gays” flutter away from the “gay community” to mate with heterosexuals.

The best-educated gay psychologists in America are presenting articles in gay publications that negate any rightful claim by homosexuals to be a biologically-based minority “just like black people.” None of the racial characteristics that distinguish black people are the consequence of some biological process gone haywire. Black people are not the result of a failure to develop normally. Black people are normal; homosexuals are abnormal. Every homosexual is the consequence of some life-enhancing process interrupted.

The “gay community” is really a catch basin of randomly damaged human beings, not a healthy self-sustaining community of biologically complementary humans like the 97% of humanity who are naturally-occurring heterosexuals. Without a continual influx of damaged humans, the “gay community” would wither away to extinction.

Only a small fraction of the 2.8% of the American population who are homosexual is waging the political, judicial and propaganda campaigns that are warping American culture. These few oddballs are nonetheless a needy gaggle of sophisticated and well-heeled upper-middle-class white lesbians and gays who know how to manipulate the emotions of stupidly well-intentioned voters and enlist the aid of clueless enablers in the mass media – the fools whom the leftists cynically call “the useful idiots.”

As you have seen, even the most educated and ardent advocates for homosexuality as a “true minority” are privately doubtful. Away from the courtroom and the television cameras, homosexual intellectuals candidly admit that homosexuality is a fluid and ill-defined disposition that is often a disposition of choice. Many gays believe their sexual orientation to be an aesthetic or a political choice. Homosexuals with doctorate degrees are fretting that millions of self-identified homosexuals might one day choose to identify as straight and leave the gay political agenda in the lurch.

These are the voices of politically astute homosexuals demonstrating their disrespect for normal heterosexual Americans. These gays insist that you can’t be told the truth because you would be shocked and disgusted by the truth. For this reason, you must be misled like every other useful idiot of progressive socialist lore. You must be hoodwinked at every turn. You must be gulled into believing that your ruinous capitulation to the Gay Power agenda is really just an act of compassion.

Thomas Clough
Copyright 2013
February 22, 2013