The Nation of Islam

This is a religious painting. It depicts the creation of the White Race by the black lunatic-genius Yacub, one of the Original Black Men. If you have never heard of Yacub, then you are unaware of the true nature of the hottest, fastest growing religious movement in America today: The Nation of Islam.

The spiritual head of the Nation of Islam is the Reverend Louis Farrakhan, formerly Louis X, and before that Louis Eugene Walcott. The Reverend Farrakhan regularly draws crowds of 15,000 to twenty thousand to municipal auditoriums all over America. In October 1995 his Million Man March drew 800,000 enthusiastic black men to America’s capital city to hear the gospel according to Farrakhan. In attendance were The Fruit of Islam, the NOI’s paramilitary wing.

According to the Nation of Islam’s most-sacred doctrine, the mad-genius-scientist Yacub spent six hundred years trying to create a race of devils from the “germs” of blacks. Yacub’s synthetic progeny were the evil White People. He created them to bedevil black folks.

Nation of Islam doctrine is the fruit of one man’s imagination; that man was Wallace Fard, formerly Wallace Ford, and later Muhammad Fard. Before Fard became the self-anointed founder of his own religion, he supported himself, here and there, as a door-to-door salesman, a seller of bootlegged liquor, and a narcotics hustler. He was arrested in numerous cities; he served several years in prison for dealing drugs. Whenever Fard was arrested he identified himself as a white man. He repeatedly asserted that he was born in New Zealand to a Polynesian mother and an Englishman. If true, it was this conman’s greatest con, for it meant that the founder of the Black Muslims was not a light-skinned mulatto after all, was not “black” at all. When the Detroit police asked his identity in the early 1930s, Fard responded: “I am the Supreme Ruler of the Universe”.

Fard’s theology borrowed wholesale from several religions, including Islam and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. To this he added a hearty helping of numerology, pseudo-science and bogus history which placed blacks at the center of world history and stressed their divinity. To make it all seem less alien to American blacks, NOI mosques have pews, not prayer rugs on the floor; sermons dwell on the Bible more than the Koran.

Throughout it all is the incessant drumbeat that white people are devils, that the devils must be killed, and that someday, after all the white people have been killed, black people will enjoy paradise in this world. When Minister Louis Farrakhan goes on national television and begins to rattle on about the “Great Mother Wheel”, half a mile in diameter, that is now in deep orbit above our planet, he is only recalling Fard’s prediction that the “Mother of Planes”, “a small human planet”, would come with special weapons and kill all the white folks.

Authentic Muslim clerics have declared the Nation of Islam to be heretical, which is to say false, bogus, and not in the spirit of true Islam. Because it preaches the inherent superiority of the black race and the inborn inferiority of all white people, the Nation of Islam is, in its very essence, a racist organization. Because it enthusiastically anticipates the complete extermination of all white people, it is a hate-filled racist organization.

The Minister Louis Farrakhan preaches Fard’s hateful doctrine and America’s “black leaders” embrace him. Many white liberals seem eager to kiss his shiny patent-leather shoes. Now just imagine that the hottest thing going among white Americans, young and old alike, was a charismatic orator with a tongue of fire who preached that black folks were just a bunch of Frankenstein’s monsters, black devils really, the result of insane genetic experiments , who were unleashed upon the Earth to make the lives of white people a living hell. Imagine that he preached that there would be Paradise on Earth once all the black folks were dead. Imagine that he was drawing crowds by the tens of thousands to municipal auditoriums all across America. Just imagine it. How would black folks respond? What would they say?

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Thomas Clough
Copyright 2001